Touchless Foodservice Pickup Isn’t Limited By Space


Not all spaces are created equal. While one restaurant might have a massive entryway that’s perfect for a large Pick Up Cabinet, others are limited in square footage or might be forced to use countertop space to satisfy takeout orders. However, this doesn’t mean restaurants or ghost kitchens can’t have an innovative takeout solution.

Today, takeout is more important than ever and can be a huge source of revenue for restaurants that are either still limited by capacity or in clientele who are comfortable with dining in. Space should not be a limiting factor in profit, and with the new PUC Slimline Series, operators can still enjoy all the same benefits.

How is the PUC Slimline Locker different than the standard Carter-Hoffmann Pick Up Cabinet system?


The most important difference is the footprint. The PUC Slimline Locker is 14-inches deep as opposed to the standard depth of 24 inches, meaning it’s better suited for smaller spaces. Units are accessible from both the front and the back, making loading and unloading easy for both staff and customers alike.


Slimline lockers aren’t just designed as floor models. For operations that require counter space to fulfill takeout orders, units can be purchased that are specifically designed for countertops to help maximize the use of space.


Slimline’s compartments come in either ambient or heated varieties and include product sensors and interior lighting. An expandable, modular design allows for additional compartments to be added to the master cabinets. New, transparent doors open automatically.

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