The Restaurant Trend That Requires Innovative Takeout Technologies

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The ways we order and consume food have changed dramatically, not just in the past few years, but over the better part of the past decade. With mobile apps becoming commonplace and demand being driven by more tech-savvy generations, quick-serve restaurants, and fast-casual restaurants have adapted to off-premise dining models more than ever before.

Coming on the heels of a pandemic when takeout and delivery were often the only ways operators could reach their customers, there has also been a newfound element of convenience that consumers aren’t going to give up. When it comes to takeout food service, for example, diners gain control over the entire experience, and the QSRs and fast-casual restaurants that provide experiences in a safe and efficient fashion are poised for gains. Innovative takeout technologies can help.

What are some of the notable mobile ordering trends that have emerged in recent years?

In today’s world, mobile payments are becoming increasingly popular. When checking out, utilizing your phone as a credit or debit card simplifies and expedites the transaction. According to QSR Magazine, digital orders grew over 120% from 2020 to 2021. In fact, digital orders are expected to continue to grow as customers get used to using their phones for quicker transactions online.

Starbucks just stated that mobile payments account for 13% of all orders. Statistics and data show that mobile ordering is the preferred option for a quick-service restaurant (QSR) experience. Companies and restaurants can provide their consumers with more alternatives by using mobile ordering, and many people are astonished to hear that delivery is not the most preferred option for mobile food ordering. In fact, figures reveal that individuals prefer to order meals over the phone and pick them up later. Many restaurants have noticed this trend and have included a quick pick-up option in their ads and promos.

Customers may continue society’s trend of promoting convenience at every step with the simplicity that mobile ordering gives. According to National Purchase Diary (NPD) organization, a restaurant’s app or website represents 70% of digital orders, and the figures don’t end there. When data from people dining in was compared to data from mobile ordering, the results showed mobile ordering had increased 300 percent quicker. Mobile ordering, according to 45 percent of consumers, naturally encourages them to use it more frequently.

How can quick pick-up options help with mobile ordering?

Food lockers are the industry’s first smart cabinet solutions. The finished result is every bit as fantastic as it sounds. Customers make an order via mobile or online and are given an accurate time frame for when their meal will be available for collection.

Food is then held in a food locker where it awaits pick-up. An interactive panel on the front of the cabinet displays the customer’s name and their pick-up location. The rear of the cabinet contains a monitor for kitchen workers that shows open slots and allows you to load finished orders. Customers use the QR code or PIN they were given to get their meal when they arrive to pick it up. What could be more practical than that?

Yes, they can work for pizza.

Certain food locker units can be purchased to house pizza box profiles. This is important for many operations, as pizza has been one of the top drivers for revenue in the QSR and fast-casual segments over the last two years. By incorporating a food locker for takeout service, a restaurant can considerably improve overall performance and use of mobile ordering while simultaneously growing profits.

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