How PUC Standard Lockers Make Your Retail Business Run Smoother


As the popularity of placing orders online continues to grow, retail operators need to find ways to make sure orders are processed quickly and are easy to receive. Expecting customers to stand in line to pick up their food or product orders is a thing of the past.

Customers are also looking for easier ways to place and pay for their orders to speed up the process. Providing technology to cover these points as well as giving a safer, more secure way to pick up orders can take your customer’s experience into the next generation. And the Pickup (PUC) Standard Locker can help.

A New Era in the Cloud

Ease of ordering is one thing that customers are looking for when purchasing products today. According to QSR Magazine, more customers are indicating that the availability of contactless payment makes them choose one restaurant over another. But this isn’t only in the foodservice community. From retail stores to universities to concert venues, PUC can help your staff get orders fulfilled quicker and safer every time.

Quicker than a phone call, allowing for online ordering also eliminates the need for someone to answer phones and can help streamline back-of-house workflows. This helps not only the day of but also in the future when analyzing order pickups, order dwell times, locker usage, and other important factors that impact your foodservice business.

Safer Service

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that being safer about all aspects of life is important to customers. From the time a customer’s online order is ready to be picked up, a dedicated locker is assigned to them. With a QR code sent directly to their smartphone, the customer can use touchless technology to pick up their order. Eliminating the need to wait in line, speak to an employee, or have multiple people handle their product.

For food, there is the option of having heated cabinets to hold to-go food at temperature, preserving food quality, and ensuring food safety. The PUC also has an anti-microbial coating to help prevent the growth of disease-causing organisms, further protecting staff and customers.

Available in four, six, or eight cubbies and large locker sizes for larger orders, the PUC Standard Locker comes in a countertop and floor version giving businesses versatility and options to help expand sales opportunities. It also can be placed anywhere including in walkways, outside the entrance, or near your point of service. Making your business more accessible to customers and providing more opportunities to increase profits, without having to increase labor.