PUC Expands Operations at Boston College

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Boston College has been able to reinvent take-out with PUC cabinets. Recognizing that consumer preference was already shifting toward automated, no-contact transactions, they were well on their way to choosing a system to accommodate student preferences prior to the pandemic. PUC was able to be installed and implemented quickly and Boston College was able to keep serving students without a hitch.  

In addition, the university achieved operational control over order management. 

  • They can schedule orders, so staffing can be prioritized where it needs to be throughout the day.
  • Food waste and labor expenses have been reduced.
  • Notifications spur students to pick up orders on a timely basis.
  • Training has been standardized and productivity has been improved.
  • Average order sized has been increased.

“The PUC system is essential for order management and helps to even out the flow of orders. It helps to manage order preparation, balance labor and controls the number of students entering the Hillside Café at any one time for social distancing. We chose Carter-Hoffmann because they stand by what they do and provided all the support necessary to install and implement the system.”  More PUC cabinets will be popping up on campus this year!

Megan O’Neill, Associate Director of Operations, Boston College Dining