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Our line of products has grown over the years. We have equipment for growing microgreens, cooking and holding, finishing and automated order pick up.

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GardenChef Microgreen Growing Cabinets

Bring the garden into your kitchen and make it a showcase for your menu. GardenChef is ideal for growing herbs and microgreens. Each cabinet comes fully equipped with an automated ecosystem to provide your micros with everything they need to thrive.

Finishing Cabinet

Finish your appetizers and entrees in just a few seconds. This little cabinet packs the power of an infrared quartz element that emits nearly pure radiant heat.

PUC Automated Food Lockers

PUC pick-up cabinets are automated and connected self-serve lockers and provide a secure and contactless take-out experience. Customers can easily order online and bypass the line at the register to pick up orders with a QR code.

Cook and Hold Cabinets

Discover the beauty of convection when you roast low and slow. Gentle roasting at lower temperatures produces a wonderfully tender roast that’s naturally browned to perfection.

Product Types

Garden Flat Capacity

Cabinet Size

Number of Cubbies

Floor or Countertop

Capacity, 18x26

Steam Table Pan Capacity

Gastronorm Pans