Hot Food Holding

Whether you are holding moisture-sensitive items or fried foods, we have a holding cabinet that can keep food hot and fresh until it is ready to be served.

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Modular Holding

Flex your menu options with our modular holding cabinets. Individually heated pan cavities provide the best environment and extend holding time while maintaining just-cooked quality.

Roll In Holding Cabinets

The RTB series roll-in holding cabinets are designed for use with roll-in oven racks. They are a useful companion to roll-in ovens and will allow the operator to expand capacity by holding the cooked product.

Crisp N Hold

Ditch the heat lamps and improve holding time and the quality of fried foods.  Food stays hot and ready to serve, for an extended period of time with less waste.

Chip Warmer

Serve more chips in less space than traditional drawer warmers. Carter-Hoffmann chip warmers provide a continuous supply of fresh warm chips.

Pie Merchandisers

These handy holding and merchandising cabinets are perfect for individually boxed pies, other hand-held pastries, and food pockets.

Heated Holding Cabinets

We offer 10 different levels of holding cabinets. Whether you're on a limited budget or looking for all the bells and whistles, we have your cabinet.

Door-Free Holding Cabinets

Hassle-free heated cabinets are ideal for just about any type of holding. Hold covered moisture-sensitive food, uncovered crispier foods... even boxed pizza. And all in one cabinet.

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