Food Transport

Take your service anywhere. Hot or cold, plated or in pans, Carter-Hoffmann has the right cart to transport your food where it needs to be.

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Banquet Carts

Keep food at serving temperature as it waits to be served to your guests. With an array of sizes, heat operation, and plate compacity, there is a banquet cart that surely will fit your establishment’s needs.

Heated Transport Carts

Move your feast with heated carts.  They're great for bulk food transport in pans to buffets and remote serving locations.

Refrigerated Transport Carts

Our mobile refrigerators are built to move and built to last. The heavy-duty components and stainless steel construction can withstand rugged use, to take salads and desserts to any serving location, inside or out.

Product Types

Covered Plate Capacity

Heating System

Steam Table Pan Capacity

Sheet Pan Capacity


Refrigerator Type