We serve just about every facet of the Foodservice Industry. Front of the house or behind the scenes, our products keep your food fresh and ready to serve.


Many key factors determine a successful restaurant; location, service, menu, and what guests don't see, such as food prep, cooking, and holding. Maintaining the proper holding temperature while managing order demand is a challenge. We can help select the right equipment for your establishment.

C-Stores and Supermarkets

C-stores and supermarkets cater to shoppers looking for quality and convenience. Quality doesn't need to be sacrificed for speed. Carter-Hoffmann's food holding equipment ensures your food stays fresh and at the right temperature until it's purchased.


Nourishing food is part of the patient's plan for recovery as well as keeping the staff healthy to care for those patients. Carter-Hoffmann has solutions for keeping patient and on-premise dining meals at proper temperatures.


We know it's your goal to provide guests with the ultimate dining experience. Earning repeat business and referrals is the best compliment. Let Carter-Hoffmann be your foodservice partner with the proper equipment. Our carts bring your service to any location and keep food at the intended temperature until it's served.

Schools & Universities

Serving hundreds or thousands of students within a short time frame requires organization and plenty of room to store prepared foods. Think of Carter-Hoffmann's holding and transport carts as extensions of your kitchen. Food stays fresh, just as intended, until served.


An onsite café can reduce employee stress, increase productivity and promote good health. The foodservice equipment from Carter-Hoffmann can hold and transport quality nutritious food for your employees to enjoy.


When you're in need of tough, durable, tamper-resistant carts for transporting three meals a day in a correctional facility, you can count on Carter-Hoffmann. Our heavy-duty carts have all the necessary security and durability features to safely deliver hot meals hot and cold meals cold.

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