How To Extend Your Branding To Front-Of-House Equipment

The design of any retail or foodservice space is crucial. Quite often it’s the first impression a customer has with the brand. From the decor to the furniture, every inch of space occupied by customers is an opportunity to extend your branding. Front-of-house equipment also gives you unique ways to establish your operation’s brand.

Why Front-of-House Design Matters

In retail and foodservice spaces, design plays a critical factor. Your branding can enhance both the customer experience and the impression of your business. If you are going to include front-of-house equipment, whether it’s refrigeration, cooking, or heated storage, operators should prioritize equipment that can extend your branding. No matter if you’re considering chair colors or service counter layouts, design matters. It will impact a customer experience, and when done correctly, will keep them coming back.

Visual Branding in Restaurants

Many retail and restaurant business owners take a great deal of time to cultivate their brand. You want colors, logos, and signage that reflect the products and services you offer, as well as the overall brand identity. When choosing front-of-house equipment, the wrong choice can take your guests out of the experience completely. A stark contrasting color or an awkwardly sized piece of equipment not fitting in with the rest of the space can confuse customers with what your brand truly is. Appearance matters for restaurants, whether customers are dining in or taking out.

Branding in Different Industries

Restaurants aren’t the only types of businesses with the opportunity to include branding on customer-facing equipment. For example, retail operations, pharmacies, even covering your equipment in college colors in a campus store or dining hall adds to the guest experience. Customer-facing equipment shouldn’t look out of place, regardless of the industry. This ability to extend branding through customer interaction, often without a member of the staff nearby, is invaluable to many businesses looking for different ways to connect with their guests.

Showcase Your Brand with Pickup Cabinets

One piece of front-of-house equipment that gives operators prime branding space is a pickup cabinet. As a customer-facing, contactless pickup solution, these cabinets might realistically be the one opportunity for a customer to interact with your brand while they are inside the establishment. With a variety of color schemes and customized finishes, a PUC is your brand’s opportunity to increase customer engagement, without necessarily engaging with them at all.

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